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Live-Style Chat

Luxlock™ provides personalized shopping experiences at your fingertips. Shop with a dedicated stylist and receive outfitted recommendations instantly.

Shopping Online

Register for Luxlock™ once to receive custom shopping services everywhere you see our gold emblem. Experience the new digital standard of excellence.

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Shopping is personal

Chat with your dedicated stylist and receive custom style recommendations. Curious about fit or shopping for an event? No problem, leave it to the pros. We've got your digital closet to supercharge your service.

You deserve the best when you shop with the best.

Premium Service

Only Luxlock™ allows you to experience the most coveted shopping experience online that luxury brands are known for. Our technology helps keep the conversation going so you never have to start from scratch.

Now everyone can have access to a personal shopper dedicated to optimizing a wardrobe and emphasizing your unique style. Retail therapy is real and it's time you had unlimited access to experts.

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Our Philosophy

Before we put pen to paper, we thought a few decades ahead. Will people still use our product fifty years into the future? When does engagement make a meaningful impact? Will we be shopping in thin air or will our closets auto fill and flip based on the time of the day? Creating beautiful digital shopping experiences is our mission. We weave The Art of Retailing with a futurist element to everything we touch. Above all, we value the brands which shape the industry and the consumers who covet the art. This is shopping for tomorrow, we're starting today.

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“Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge”