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What we do

Luxury Recognition Technology

Our unique luxury recognition technology instantly recognizes "you" to deliver legendary service and maintain a single conversation with the brand across all selling channels. All devices. All locations; all the time. Luxlock™ enable's brands to connect directly with their shoppers to curate seamless personalized shopping experiences.

  • Lifestyle Shopper Profiles
  • Common Intelligence
  • Compounded Experiences

Online - In Store - Mobile

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Every line of code specifically addresses the direct-to-consumer needs of premium and luxury businesses to grow without sacrificing your DNA.

"everything we know about retail is about to change"

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Grow Incremental Revenues

Drive Selling Performance and Profitability

Our built-in business intelligence provides you with integrated analytics and a visual reporting suite which provides immediate access to critical product and consumer information.

Business Managers, Marketing Directors, and Merchandise Planners have valuable insight into each category of the business. For the first time ever, brands can calculate a true bottoms-up plan; from the customer level. DRILL DOWN AND ROLL-UP!

  • Increase Average Order Value (AOV): 20%
  • Decrease Returns (RR): 10%
  • Increase Conversion Rate (CRO): 25.5%
  • Increase Life Time Value (LTV): 30%
  • Increase Average Unit Retail (AUR): 15%

"83% of U.S. shoppers said they consistently needed some type of support during online shopping."

What will you gain?

High-touch solutions for luxury brands.

Our software solutions are designed by the industry; for the industry. Our proven selling methodology scales your workflow so you can spoil your clients and maintain a single conversation across all locations and every device.

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